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AMP Insurance (Australian Mutual Provident Society) started in Sydney, Australia in 1848, to ‘provide financial protection to those in need by sharing financial burdens’. In 1876, the first AMP Insurance Centre opened in Wellington, New Zealand.

Today, AMP has over 400,000 customers and over 74,000 shareholders in New Zealand and is listed on the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges.

AMP’s range of products includes AMP life insurance (including crisis, income and disability covers), general insurance, savings and investments, retirement savings (including KiwiSaver) and lending.

AMP is New Zealand’s largest provider of workplace savings schemes through the New Zealand Retirement Trust, managing more than $1 billion in funds, and is a default KiwiSaver provider.

AMP Financial Services (AMPFS) looks after the financial needs of our customers and many funds are invested through AMP’s sister company, AMP Capital Investors Limited (AMP Capital), a wholesale fund management company.

AMP Capital is New Zealand's largest fund manager with over $12 billion of funds under management1. AMPFS also invests funds through other AMP approved fund management companies.

Facts at-a-glance: AMP has:

  • Over 150 years’ experience
  • Over 400,000 customers in New Zealand
  • Approximately 3.4 million customers worldwide
  • More than 74,000 New Zealand shareholders
  • Around 350 Advisers throughout New Zealand
  • More than 450 staff in financial services and asset management in New Zealand

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