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Asteron is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest financial service providers with key business activities in life assurance, superannuation savings, funds management and trustee services. A member of the Suncorp Group, Asteron is part of an entity with approximately 7 million customers with over $676 million of life insurance premiums and in excess of $29 billion funds under management.

In New Zealand, Asteron has over $1.4 billion funds under management on behalf of 218,000 clients and looks after the financial protection needs of 174,000 policyholders.

Life Insurance

Have you ever taken a moment to sit down and really think what life would be like for your family if you were to die?

Where would the money come from to cover the mortgage, school fees, running the car, credit cards, everyday living expenses and child care? Not to mention the funeral expenses and any incurred medical expenses.

Like most people, you probably have investments or money in a savings plan. You may even have considerable equity in your own home. But turning these into cash may mean your family has to sell valuable assets. This can take time and more importantly cause disruption and insecurity at a time when they need financial and emotional support the most.

Asteron can provide this financial support by providing a lump sum of money to those you care about in the event of your death or if you suffer a major health problem. These funds are there to take care of you and your family – often people use these funds to clear debts, taking a holiday, set up an education fund or making necessary provision for the future.

When considering insurance protection for yourself, your family and your business, there are many things to consider and co-ordinate. Asteron can help to ensure that you have the right insurance protection in place to take care of yourself and your family.

Asteron is proud to have products designed to protect you, your family and your business when the hard times hit. Asteron's products have the very best benefits yet they are offered at competitive prices. We believe our product range offers all the flexibility and choice you need to meet your life insurance needs.

We also go a step further by including a built in terminal illness benefit that enables you to make arrangements and secure your family’s future should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness likely to result in death within one year.

Asteron’s SmartLife product can assist you in providing for the above; it primarily covers you in the event of your death or terminal illness.

SmartLife - Built in Benefits

These benefits are automatically included in your SmartLife policy. So no matter what other protection options you choose, your policy will have these benefits as standard.

  • Death Benefit
  • Terminal Illness Benefit
  • Funeral Advancement Benefit
  • Inflation Adjustment Benefit
  • $1,500 Financial Planning Benefit
  • Grief Support Benefit
  • Special Events Increase Benefit
  • Guarantee of Upgrade
  • Guarantee of Renewal

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