It’s no secret that New Zealand’s public health system has waiting lists for non-acute (elective) operations. For this reason, we’ve aimed our health insurance at the treatment area where it can help the most – private hospitalisation and surgery.

A carefully composed health policy can smooth the way through challenging times. Not only will you be spared the financial impact of private health treatment, you’ll get the highly qualified attention you need quickly and easily. No waiting lists.

Major Medical Cover offers reimbursement (less your excess) for non-acute major medical expenses and is available as a standalone benefit or can be combined with other risk benefits under OnePath Life's Assurance Extra. When combined with other risk benefits you will receive a discount on your Major Medical premium.

Benefits you’ll get with OnePath
OnePath health insurance offers benefits that aren’t generally offered by other health insurers:

Benefit continuity.
The terms and conditions of your cover are guaranteed for the life of your policy. The benefits you have at the beginning won’t change.

Pharmaceutical cover.
Drug treatment costs for major illnesses and diseases, such as cancer, are covered - whether or not they’re subsidised by Pharmac (the government drug governing body), provided the drugs are Medsafe approved.

Overseas option.
When a recommended treatment is not available in New Zealand within six months as a direct result of insufficient medical resources, we will pay for the same treatment or procedure overseas.

Other great benefits

100% reimbursement, less your excess, up to generous policy limits.
You can reduce your premium by choosing a higher excess.
Newborns receive automatic free cover for the first three months after their arrival, subject to an exclusion for congenital disorders. After three months, they can remain covered under your policy for an additional premium.
Your health cover applies while you’re in Australia – on holiday or while working.

As each client’s needs are individual, differing conditions may apply.

Use our calculator to work it out
You can also add Trauma/Major Illness cover to your Life Insurance quote Trauma/Major illness covers a range of serious conditions. What's Trauma cover?
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