As the saying goes, “There’s nothing more certain than change”. Over a life time, every family will experience challenges that have the potential to disrupt financial security.

If you or a loved one were suddenly unable to work due to ill health, you could find yourself trying to cope with bills and living expenses, leaving you wondering whether your current insurance policy will pay out.

By putting some safeguards in place, you can cushion the effects of life-changing events. Life cover protects against untimely death; disablement cover pays out if sickness or injury means you’re unable to work ever again; income protection helps if you’re temporarily unable to work; and trauma cover pays out if you’re critically ill.

At OnePath, we put our energy into developing useful points of difference that set us apart. In fact, our policies offer benefits that most other insurance companies can't match. These benefits include:

  • Disability insurance that pays out in advance
  • Not changing the protection benefits of our policies because they are guaranteed.

OnePath prides itself on being different. No tricks. No surprises. OnePath policies cover exactly what you expect them to.

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You can also add Trauma/Major Illness cover to your Life Insurance quote Trauma/Major illness covers a range of serious conditions. What's Trauma cover?
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