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Why choose Southern Cross as your health insurance partner?

Southern Cross Health Society is one of New Zealand's most trusted health insurers, providing a broad range of health insurance products to around 835,000 members. Southern Cross is a New Zealand-owned not for profit organisation, with the primary goal of providing members with access to qualifying medical treatement when they need it.

Southern Cross pays more claims

  • Southern Cross pays out more claims that any other health insurer in New Zealand
  • On average over the last 5 years for every $1 it received in premiums it paid 87.1 cents to members in claims.
  • In most instances Southern Cross will process a member's claim within seven days.
  • In the year ended June 2011 Southern Cross processed over 580,000 claims.


Healthy benefits with the Member programme

Southern Cross also gives members extra benefits; special offers and discount vouchers from selected partners, Alive Lifestyle magazine twice a year, discounted travel insurance and much more.

Affiliated Provider programme

Affiliated Providers are surgeons, specialists and facilities who are contracted to provide certain procedures to our members at agreed prices. The Affiliated Provider programme will take care of prior approval and your claim on your behalf.

Trustworthy and reliable  

Members can trust Southern Cross with it's A+ (strong) financial strength rating, whcih it has helf for eight consecutive years from Standard and Poor's(Australia) Pty Limited.

The rating scale:

AAA (Extremely Strong)                 BBB(Good)                CCC(Very Weak)

AA(Very Strong)                            BB(Marginal)              CC(Extremely Weak)      

A(Strong)                                       B(Weak)                     R(Regulatory Action)

Standard & Poor's (Australia) Pty Limited is an approval agency under the Insurance Companies (Ratings and Inspections) Act 1994.

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