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Sovereign Absolute Health – giving you the choice

Sovereign has been a part of New Zealanders’ lives since 1989, and today provides life insurance, health insurance, home loan, investment and superannuation products to over 650,000 customers – or one in five Kiwis over the age of 15.

Why choose Sovereign as your health insurer?

More and more New Zealanders than ever before are turning to private health insurance for added peace of mind.

Sovereign Health Insurance (Absolute Health) helps you to access the very best medical care at a time that suits you, in the hospital of your choice. You’ll be able to avoid long waiting lists and receive essential treatment promptly.

Sovereign pays out more claims than any other life insurer – and, in 2008, this included more than $40 million in health claims, or an average of $3.3 million to 1,900 people every month.

Sovereign Absolute Health provides cover of up to $250,000 a year – so you can be sure even the most complicated conditions and operations will be covered. This includes outpatient care of up to $100k, which means you have access to the best post-operative treatment. You can also add specialist and test cover to your policy, with no excess payment required.

With Absolute Health, you can select the level of excess you pay, which can save you more than 45% of your premium. You even get $20,000 cover for treatment overseas, if you can’t get help in New Zealand.

Absolute Health fits perfectly with Sovereign’s Living Assurance and ACC cover, to provide a comprehensive protection plan.

Can you and your family – or your business – afford to be without health insurance?

Treatment for ear infection, requiring grommets: $2,500
Removing tonsils: $3,600
MRI scan: $2,000
Melanoma excision and aftercare: $1,200

Who is Sovereign?

Sovereign is one of the ASB group of companies, which in turn is part of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, one of the largest and most reputable banking groups in Australasia.

The company is New Zealand’s leading life insurer and has an A+ rating (Superior) from the leading worldwide rating agency for the insurance industry, A.M. Best.

Sovereign’s pedigree and financial strength, mean that even when times are tough, customers can be confident that financial help is at hand, when they need it most.

The company commits itself to working closely with its customers to achieve the best possible outcome when the unexpected happens. Its philosophy at claim time is to make the process easy, and to support the customer every step of the way.

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