Life Product Comparisons

Check out what’s included in the policy, for each of our insurers. Please note, features noted as optional add-ons may require additional premium above what we show for basic policy pricing on our Quote Now page.

Content on this page last updated: April 2016

Asteron Life
Fidelity Life
Partners Life
Do they pay at least $15,000 up front for funeral costs?

$12.5K payable
Is suicide excluded from cover for the first 13 months?
Can I add a lump sum cover payable to me if I got a specified major illness?
Are they New Zealand owned?
What's their Financial Strength Rating?
AA- (Very Strong)
A+ (Stable)
A- (Excellent)
AM Best
A+ (Strong)
B++ (good)
AM Best
A+ (Superior)
AM Best
Can I lock in my premium price for more than a year? (additional premium applies for this)
Additional fee for paying my premium by credit card?

Not available
Would my NZ policy cover continue if I move to Australia ?
The S& P rating scale is: AAA (Extremely Strong) BBB (Good) CCC (Very Weak) AA (Very Strong) BB (Marginal) CC (Extremely Weak) A (Strong) B (Weak) R (Regulatory Action) Plus (+) or minus (-) signs following ratings from “AA” to “CCC” show relative standing within the major rating categories. Standard & Poor's is an approved rating agency under the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010.

The AM Best rating scale is: A++, A+ (Superior) B,B- (Fair) A, A- (Excellent) C++, C+ (Marginal) B++, B+ (Good) C, C- (Weak) D (Poor) ​E (Under Regulatory Supervision) ​ F (In Liquidation) ​ S (Suspended)

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Sovereign OnePath Fidelity Asteron Life AIA

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